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무역분야 / Trading Division

Universal Bird Trading Co.,Ltd 는 한국과 미얀마 양국 간의 분야별 제품들을 수입 및 수출하고 있습니다. 특히 한국의 GHI에서 생산하는 Chemguard Brand의 제품을 직수입 판매하며 주로 건축용과 산업용, 자동차용 케미칼 제품과 각 산업분야에서 사용하는 소모성 제품들을 수입하여 고객에게 제공하고 있습니다. 앞으로도 더 좋은 양질의 제품을 수입 및 수출하여 고객 여러분께 최상의 조건으로 공급하도록 노력하겠습니다.

서비스분야 / Service Division

Business Support Service for Private Individual & Corporation

Onshore & Offshore Project

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  • Confident of Success
  • Concentrate Power
  • Cheerful View of Life

Business Support Service Overview

Trading 수출입 및 영업 업무대행

  • Import, Export and Sales Support & Agency
  • CHEMICAL and General Consumable Products

Human Resource and Local Existence Support 사무실요원 채용 및 파견, 비자업무 대행

  • Local Office Staff Employment
  • Business Visa Extension
  • Letter of Invitation Issuance for Arrival Visa

Material Procurement and Supply 자재 구매 및 공급

  • Material Procurement & Supply Service : 공사현장 자재 및 소모품 공급

Vehicle Handling Agent 중고 승용차 수입 대행

Accounting & Finances Agent 경리, 회계, 세무, 재무관리

  • Accounting, Banking, Taxation, Finances

Project Process Consulting & Agent Service 프로젝트 추진업무 지원

  • Industrial plant and Oil & Gas project
  • EPCIC, Turn-key base project bidding support
  • Assistance for development project
    - Basic data Investigation
    - Data purchase & information gathering
    - Preconference act & meeting / presentation arrangement

Trading Agency and Human Resource & Local Existence Support

Trading 수출입 및 영업 업무대행

  • Import, Export and Sales Support & Agency
  • CHEMICAL and General Consumable Products for Onshore & Offshore Project & Facility

Recruitment & Engagement Service 사무실 요원 고용 대행

  • Experienced personnel on various positions for office staff and work site staff
    - Post vacancy > Recruitment > CV Evaluation > Interview > ngagement > Mobilization

Income Tax Payment (for Expatriate) 외국인 소득세 정산 납부

Business Visa Extension 비즈니스 비자 연장 업무 대행

LOI (Letter of Invitation) Issuance 도착 비자용 서류 발급

  • For Arrival Visa issuance at Airport

Procurement Service & Vehicle handling Agent

Work Site Construction Material and Equipment Procurement and Supply Service
Onshore & Offshore Project 공사 현장 자재 및 장비구매 공급

  • 육상 및 해상 설비의 설치, 운전, 유지 보수 자재 및 소모재

Import used car 중고 승용차 수입 대행

  • Jeep, Deluxe Sedan, Station Wagon, Mini-Van, Carry Truck
    - Investigation & selection as Customer’s requirement > Application of import permit license > Import > Custom clearance > Registration > Handover to Customer

Accounting & Finances Agent

Accounting Service 경리, 회계

  • Accounting for private personnel and corporation

Banking Service 은행 업무

  • Assistance in opening bank account
  • Cash withdrawal & remittance

Taxation Service 세무관리

  • Tax calculation, preparation document
  • Tax filing and payment to tax authority

Assistance of Incorporation Establishment 현지법인 설립업무 지원

  • Preparation of registration document for DICA submission & MIC permission

Project Process Consulting & Agent Service

Investigation of project information / concession 공사정보 조사

Assistance for execution of turnkey base project local organization 턴키 베이스공사 현지 수행조직 구성 지원

Invitation of Tender Book review 입찰서 검토

Bidding support 입찰 지원

  • Commercial Proposal
  • Technical Proposal

Project progress management 공사관리

Project cost control 공사원가관리

Project Health, Environment & Safety Management System documentation 안전관리 절차서

Assistance for development project 신규프로젝트 개발 지원

Contact Us

Contact Point

    - M.P : +95-(0)9-44476-7044 (English & Myanmar)
    - M.P :+95-(0)9-44476-7045 (English & Korean)
    - E Mail : universalbird7@gmail.com

Main Business Introduction

  • Service : Onshore & Offshore Project Handling and BusinessSupport Service
  • Trading : Industrial Chemical, General Products and Tools

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